Casa Stile Bedrooms

Bespoke means: Organize everything – including the Furniture​

​Bespoke built in cabinets and drawers can be turned into a masterclass of efficiency.  Cabinet dividers can be used to separate clothes and Shoes, drawer dividers are ideal for containing belts and smaller items such as , jewellery bracelets etc., and pull out hanging rods and racks are an attractive way to display Jackets trousers,. Even chest of drawers can be kept tidy with storage dividers, and making sure every item is kept in its place and tidy. The wide range of decorative features, the breadth of handle choice as well as the beautifully crafted storage solutions; broaden bespoke design options and allow for unique personal touches. Bespoke bedroom furniture, designed in neutral hues and woodgrain veneers, mel, which afford ample opportunity to add character with bursts of colour and pattern.

Fitted Built-in-Cupboard Installation​

​Our high quality Bedroom cabinets are fitted after the initial design process. Our fitted Bedrooms & furniture are constructed using cabinets which are manufactured according to the following characteristics: * Rigid Bedroom cabinets are professionally assembled in the factory using glue and dowel joints for added strength and durability * Base units with full-height, back panels for optimum rigidity, durability and to seal the Bedroom cabinets from dust  * Selected panels and shelves are fully PVC-edged. Our bedroom installers are fully qualified, highly experienced and take pride in their high standards of workmanship. We respect that we are working in your home and aim to minimise disruption during fitting your new bedroom furniture.

Casta Stile Bedrooms​